Services & innovations

The services we offer include metalworking with lasers, conventional metalworking, and a series of other service work in the area of metalworking and processing. The circle of customers from a wide variety of branches that counts on the expertise and know-how of Photon Laser Manufacturing continues to grow. Because of our state-of-the-art equipment, the products we manufacture satisfy the most stringent of demands this applies to the same extent to the design as it does to the precision, low-warpage levels, the use of materials, the reduction of wind noise, or the development of new product characteristics. We look forward to working together with you on the comprehensive optimization of your products.

Laser beam welding offers a variety of advantages also in the area of machinery and plant construction. Despite functional elements being welded into the inner surface (ligaments, guides, etc.), parts still retain a perfect outer surface. For parts with multiple layers, we guarantee low-warpage, and leak-tight welding of the inner and outer layers (ISO tanks, etc.). Laser beam welding technology also makes it possible to weld through plates lying on top of one another (plate heat exchangers, etc.).